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” A nature photographer returns home from the mountains. His friend calls him and invites him to dinner.

I want to see those pictures that you took.

The photographer prints the best of them and goes to dinner.

Ohhh very beautiful images! You have a very good camera!

They eat and after that his friend asks:

How was the food did you like it?

Yes was very good, I bet you have very good frying pans! ”

Photography it’s always fun and it’s not about what gear do you use or how expensive your camera is. It has its rules. The rules are not going to make a photograph to be a good one or to make the photographer be a good one. Its freedom, its fun, its expression. A good photograph depends always on who’s behind it.


About me

A little about me

Hi I’m Catalin Gheorghe Tudor. I’m from Romania, but I live in Sweden with my wife. Photography is my profession and my passion, I’m focused on people and landscape photography. I started photographing five years ago selling my photographs online to stock photography agencies. My goal is to create beautiful imagery and I do believe that perfection is possible.

About 7
About 1


Started photography five years ago. Attending the art school in my native city in Brasov, Romania as painter, I soon discovered my true passion in photography. Started to photograph everything with my point and shoot camera and I was eager to learn. Soon after I submitted my images for review on multiple stock photography agencies, and even though I was using a point and shoot camera, I was accepted and started to sell my images. Since then I never stopped shooting, I moved to beautiful Sweden where I am in the process of opening my own photography business.



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