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Creating sliced vegetables or fruits

Creating sliced vegetables or fruits can be challenging sometimes depending how you want the slices to float. Firs chose the vegetable or fruit that you want to use, in my case is a paprika. Any vegetable or fruit would do.

The next step is to set up your  camera and lights. Set the camera on a sturdy tripod or plain surface. Firs you will need to take a picture of the scene that you are going to use, without the subject in the shoot. In my case is just plane white background. Be sure that you don’t have any window lights or any other lights interfering with the scene. Once you have taken the picture of the scene, is time to slice your vegetable or fruit.

Now you can make all the slices floating in the air, or place the first slice on the surface.

Use wooden skewers to carefully balance the slice. In this case, I needed a little help for someone to hold the wooden skewer. Focus the camera on the slice and take the shoot. Once you have done this its time to photograph the rest of the slices. Perform the same operation for the other slices, this time holding the slice, above the first one. You don’t need to be exact, just make sure you are not casting too much shadows.

Try not to tilt the slices too much, place them horizontal. Once you are done with the slices, its time to put the images in Photoshop. Best thing is if you have shoot the images in raw. I opened all the image series in Photoshop and I synchronised all the images, so i apply the same settings to all of them.

Since I have made a picture of the scene I will use that as my first layer. The second layer is the first slice. I start by deleting everything besides the slice and the shadow of the slice. On the rest of the slices, I use the selection tool to select the slice making sure I don’t cut any part of the slice, just the background and the wooden skewer. At this point you can move the slices as you want, rotate them, scale them.

And is simple as that. Finally edit the image and adjust the color, contrast levels and so on, until you get the desire look. The final image is a clean, sharp sliced paprika. You can use this technique in any scene, on a table, on a plate and so on.

Creating sliced vegetables or fruits 1
Creating sliced vegetables or fruits 2
Tudor Catalin Gheorghe

As a photographer, my goal is to create beautiful imagery. I discovered that I can’t stop learning. It’s always something new that you can learn in photography. In my journey, I hope that I can teach others a few little things about photography and photo editing. I’m the author and the creator of this website.

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