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Earn money with your phone EyeEm Market

Earn money with your phone EyeEm Market ( my experience ). Yes is becoming more popular. While in the world of stock photography quality is a vital aspect of selling stock, mobile stock photography  makes everything to look ” easy ” . Mobile phone cameras become more powerful. Even though you can’t compare a DSLR camera with a mobile phone camera, in terms of quality and controls, mobile phone pictures make their way in the industry of stock photography.


The best example that i can give, having personal experience with it is EyeEm. The pictures that you add-on EyeEm  market will be also added on Getty Images collection. All revenue will be split to 50/50 between you and EyeEm.  And as usual the pictures with people will need a model release that you can create and send within market dashboard. If not the images you add to market will be added as editorial images. Since i joined EyeEm two years ago i was able to sell a couple of my images on Getty Images trough EyeEm market. It’s not mandatory to upload only mobile phone photos. You can also upload photos taken with usual cameras or DSLR and sell them to the market.


All you need is a paypal account to be able to receive payments. I was amazed to see that they do actually sell. I never hade a sold photograph bellow 5$, my most ” expensive ” sold image on EyeEm market was 52$. Now that made me thinking on one thing. I also sell my images on popular microstock agencies and recently on macrostock. So how come I can sell with 52$ an image that was taken with my mobile phone camera while in the same time I sell images taken with DSLR camera using TIME, flashes, soft-boxes and so on and so forth and I get just a lazzi 0.33$ per download…? and if im lucky 28$ for an extended license.


Also I didn’t mention the frustration of having rejected images on other stock photography websites. Fix the issue, resend the image and then get rejected for another reason. That doesn’t happen on EyeEm as long as your image doesn’t show any…well naughty stuf hat have nothing to do with photography. And that is the frustration on EyeEm. Sometimes you will see people getting very popular on EyeEm by uploading images that they didn’t take or create , or even win contest that EyeEm regularly challenges the community, images from public domain . And that is a big problem on EyeEm.

The good part is that you will be able to earn more from selling images on EyeEm than on big popular microstock agencies. And not only with images taken by mobile phone, also images taken with DSLR or any other camera. That doesn’t mean you should not care about the quality of your images. Having quality images its good. They will be more appealing to potential buyers.

I had some bad moments on EyeEm that made me close my account. Finally I joined back after a few months. The reason? Well its advertised as a photography community. The thing is, this community needs some cleaning. Last year when you where checking the popular section, where all the ” most popular ” images on EyeEm appear  was not hard at all to recognise that it looks like a ” meat market ” . That disturbed me so bad, that I didn’t want to have my images in this kinda place. And here is where EyeEm still needs to work . Imagine a buyer impression on that. Images are sold both on EyeEm and on Getty images EyeEm collection. On Getty the collection looked pretty good. The EyeEm part was to be honest , disturbing. Not nice to see nude selfies in a dirty room or bathroom getting 10k likes being the most popular image, while photography enthusiasts and professionals on the other hand get very little  exposure. And you guess it! i’m not talking about boudoir photography or artistic nudes.


I’m talking about indecent explicit content. And that makes EyeEm look very unprofessional some times. I cant help myself not saying this but is the truth. It’s sad to see those getting the total exposure on EyeEm while real photography as its advertised on the website, its hard to find. I stopped uploading images there. I have something else in focus. At least my experience with EyeEm made me understand some things.


Since two years ago a lot has changed on EyeEm. You don’t see that so often anymore. It’s nice to see amazing images taken both with mobile phones and DSLR. Also the reward selling an image there is more satisfying than on microstock agencies that are ruling the industry…for now. Though it’s a lot to be changed on EyeEm, it’s definitely doesn’t look like was looking one or two years ago.


Having this experience made me reconsider my plan on selling stock images. Recently I have been accepted on Getty images as contributor after three tries. I’m also working on getting accepted on Stocksy, which I guess will be the best choice. Tired of agencies getting rich by offering a few dimes to photographers.

EyeEm is not offering too much either regarding revenue. But I guess 5$, 10$ 15$, 50$ or even more per image, is better than 0.33$ for selling both traditional photography and mobile phone photography. There are a lot of talented people there using just their mobile phone , and is very impressive to see how they make money selling them. Are you selling on EyeEm? What is your experience?

Tudor Catalin Gheorghe

As a photographer, my goal is to create beautiful imagery. I discovered that I can’t stop learning. It’s always something new that you can learn in photography. In my journey, I hope that I can teach others a few little things about photography and photo editing. I’m the author and the creator of this website.

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    Were all your sold images selected for premium? Unfortunately I have about 80 on market but only 6 with Getty. I don’t know how fast their internal market moves at all.

    December 10, 2017at14:26

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