How to Whiten Teeth in Photoshop

A cool tutorial on how to whiten teeth in Photoshop. The first step is to make a selection, using the Lasso Tool. You don’t need to be exact, can always use Refine Edge to refine your selection. After the selection of the teeth has been made, make a new layer. Now we are going to do a Group by pressing Ctrl+G on the keyboard. With the group selected, add a Layer Mask to that group.


As you add the Layer Mask the selection will transferred to it. All the actions from this point are going to be made in the Group folder. The next step is to create a new Curves Layer and a Hue / Saturation layer. Bring the saturation down to about -60 or -70.


Starting from the middle bring the curves layer curve up. This will brighten the teeth up. This will serve for the next steps.

Double click on the Curves Layer to bring up Layer Style. Under Blending options, on the Underlying Layer Split the slider from the right, by holding ALT key. Move the slider towards  left.

In this way you resolve the darker parts of the teeth.


In the next step will resolve the bright areas of the teeth.


Create a new layer on top of the Curves Layer. Use the Rectangular tool and make a rough selection of the teeth like in the image bellow. After that is done, be sure that the color in the Foreground Color option is on white, not black. Press Alt+Delete this will fill the teeth again with white, on the new layer.


Now we are going to do the same thing that we did with the Curves Layer. But this time instead of bringing the sliders from the right, we are going to use the sliders from the left. This will bring out the gloss effect on the teeth. Remember that to split the slider in two, hold Alt key and drag. At this point it’s all done. You can always go back and make more adjustments on the Layer Styles until you get the desired look. Now you know how to whiten teeth in Photoshop. For the final I have made some fine adjustments on the overall image.

Before and After, mouse over to see changes
Tudor Catalin Gheorghe

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