Samo Jangirov Cruiserweight Champion

Samo Jangirov cruiserweight champion. A month ago I had the opportunity to photograph Samo during one of his training. Samo Jangirov is the cruiserweight champion from Sweden, Katrineholm. in March 2019, boxer Samo Jangirov won his title in the fight against Marcus Alberts.

Image/Tudor Catalin Gheorghe
Image/Tudor Catalin Gheorghe
Image/Tudor Catalin Gheorghe

Photographing a boxer wasn’t easy. I have no previous experience in sports photography. The subjects move very fast and the lighting was poor. It was challenging for me and I am pretty satisfied with the results. Above you can see some of the shots I’ve taken. What I’ve learned from this experience? Well, it is difficult to photograph fast-moving subjects especially if the light situation is poor. I used the Nikon Z6 with the 24-70/4 S lens and ISO set to auto. As the subject moves very fast, setting the camera on burst mode helped a lot. I was able to capture most of the movements. The ideal lens would have been wide to zoom lens of 2.8. My lens was set to F4. Although the ISO was very high, the shots ended up pretty good. Nikon Z6 with its full-frame sensor performed very well and I was surprised.

I’ve chosen black&white because of the colors of the floor. Red and blue, plus the incandescent light, not a good combination. Although i shoot in RAW, I wasn’t able to fix the proper white balance. More than that, black&white gives a more arty and personal feeling.

On 22 February 2020 Samo Jangirov will defend the title against Marcus Alberts. The event will take place on Safiren in  Katrineholm-Sweden. On 21 February 2020, the weighting of Samo and Marcus will take place as well as the the press conference. I and my wife Tuija will be there photographing both events and hopefully, we will gain more experience.

Interested in the event? Buy tickets here.

Fallow Samo Jangirow

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