The new Social App Voice Social

Voice Social.

More and more people want to get away from algorithms and want their data to be theirs! Here comes the new Social App Voice Social. A new social media platformed based on blockchain. Voice is a social network planned for a beta release on 14th February. A reward-based social network build by and for its users.


Voice SocialVoice social app is based on the open-source EOSIO protocol developed by Every time you make a post you earn Voice Tokens which gives you more visibility and more tokens if your post becomes more popular. According to Voice, all users are required to verify their identity. That means no more bots or fake accounts.

So how do the tokens work?

According to the FAQ page on Voice: “Voice Tokens are consumable utility tokens that capture the attention of other users; you can spend them on specific content to increase visibility on the platform. Because everyone has the right to be heard, users earn the same amount of Voice Tokens each day. You can earn additional tokens by creating content that other people consume and appreciate. Initially, you can use tokens to purchase space below published content, but Voice Tokens are conceived as the gateway to all forms of promotion and advertising on the platform.”

Voice has the potential to replace Instagram and many other social media apps out there. It can easily be an alternative to Instagram. So does Vero True Social. I already use Vero Truesocial that delivers almost the same things. Vero is not built on blockchain and has no token system, Vero delivers a platform that has no algorithms, no bots, no adds, and no data mining. Be sure to check out Vero as well.

Well that sounds great, right? I have already signed up for the beta release of the Voice app. I can’t wait to test it out. You can find out more about Voice by visiting their website here.

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