Vero Truesocial Alternative to Instagram

So you are searching for an alternative to Instagram? Vero Truesocial might be exactly what you need. Vero Truesocial redifines social platforms by providing no adds, no data mining, no algorithms. All posts on Vero are chronological.

Here are some of the features Vero Truesocial provides

  • Control Who Sees What.

On Vero truesocial you control who sees what. You can share it with close friends, friends, acquantances or with your followers.

  • Share More Than Photos.

On Vero Truesocial you can share more than photos. Movies, TV Shows, Music, Books, Places, Photos and Links. The Vero app has a beautiful design. Every photo or video you post will be in full resolution.

  • Share cards and introduction cards

On Vero, you can share your profile as a card, or as a video and introduce other users.


So how to use Vero?

As a new user, you might get confused using the app. The important thing is for you to remember that there are no algorithms.

  • Every post you make is chronological.
  • Follow only accounts that you really are interested in.
  • Don’t use Instagram tags.
  • Use relevant and popular tags for your niche.
  • Be genuine and interact with people genuinely.

Now, why do I say not to use Instagram tags? Well, they will have no effect! How other users are going to find your posts if you don’t use relevant tags?  As there are no algorithms, the best way is to use relevant tags. Many users explore those tags and popular ones, to discover new content. The accounts you follow will create your feed. You will see the posts of those accounts you follow. Check out the photography tag and see how the other photographers tag their images.

I see many new users posting photography with Instagram tags. The posts don’t contain any tags related to photography what so ever! They start following people in mass and get a feed that is not consistent at all. As a new user, you need to ditch Instagram behavior and start being genuine. The beauty with Vero is that you can create your own network of genuine people that like your content.

There’s a lot going on on Vero. There are photography contests every month and a lot of popular hubs for photographers. If you are searching for an alternative to Instagram, Vero Truesocial is the perfect platform. Most of the users don’t understand that there are no lazy algorithms fixing everything. Or let’s say, ruining everything. You need to dedicate time and build your page.

Here is a list of popular tags for photography on Vero:

#photography #travel #streetphotography #landscapephotography #picoftheday #photooftheday #nature #adventure #3xsun (for sunsets)  #podium #pictas #MoMo (for black and white images) #bnw 

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As a photographer, my goal is to create beautiful imagery. I discovered that I can’t stop learning. It’s always something new that you can learn in photography. In my journey, I hope that I can teach others a few little things about photography and photo editing. I’m the author and the creator of this website.

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