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What Is Vero True Social

What Is Vero True Social? Vero True Social, the new social media platform that doesn’t make use of algorithms. Yes, you didn’t read wrong! You will not see any advertising in your feed. You share what you want with who you want and the content you see is the content you choose to follow. This gives the control back to the user since there are no algorithms that decide what you should see first. Everything is cronological.

You can share links, movies, books places, images, videos, music and you can share other users in your feed. You can see the posts of the people you follow in cronological order. Doesn’t matter if one of the people you follow has 1000 likes on a post or 10 likes, you will see each post based on when it was posted. No annoying algorithm that will choose for you what to see first!

I have an account on Vero since 2018, you can check me out HERE. I started to be more active a few months ago and i love it! The fact that i can see exactly what i want to see makes me feel empowered. I do not need to see anything of what I do not want to see. I only see content from users that I choose to follow, simple as that, because there is no algorithm that pushes posts in front, based on likes or comments. Besides that VERO app is slick, elegant with a beautiful design. The app doesn’t force you to crop your images and destroy your image composition. You can create your network very fast and the people that will follow you will be the people that are genuinely interested in your content.

What Is Vero True Social?

There are a lot of negative articles about Vero out there. They never bothered to try it themselves. Do you love the fact that Facebook or Instagram are selling your data to sell it back to you in shape of advertisments? Do you feel in control because Facebook and Instagram decides what should you see first, when to see it and how many times you need to see it? Or the fact that they are practicing data mining? Look what happened with Cambridge Analytica. How the data of million of people was used against them. Vero offers back, what other social media platforms took from us, the control and our data. So what is Vero True Social? Vero is the solution. You can learn more about Vero HERE.

Do you use Vero? Write your thoughts below.

Tudor Catalin Gheorghe

As a photographer, my goal is to create beautiful imagery. I discovered that I can’t stop learning. It’s always something new that you can learn in photography. In my journey, I hope that I can teach others a few little things about photography and photo editing. I’m the author and the creator of this website.

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